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Ohio contributes to the automotive industry around the globe. Grounded in a strong automotive history, Ohio’s people, companies and organizations continue to design, engineer and make what moves the world.

Ohio is proud of its automotive heritage. Ohio’s supported assets continue to play a major role the global automotive market. Across Ohio is a full automotive supply chain. Once built by a productive and skilled workforce, automotive components and products travel along a world-renowned infrastructure. In short, manufacturers and suppliers are able to move more products, more efficiently, and to more locations at a lower cost.

In Ohio, companies can:

  • Access the automotive supply chain. The entire automotive supply chain is represented in Ohio, putting companies in close proximity to many of their suppliers and customers.
  • Utilize an innovation ecosystem. Ohio offers next generation resources and collaborative partners investing in ongoing connected and autonomous vehicle research, development and testing.
  • Employ an educated workforce. A quality workforce is available at 10 percent lower wages than the national average for the top 10 auto occupations.
  • Seize a competitive business climate. Ohio is distinguished by the lowest tax rate on new capital investment in the Midwest.

Managing Directors

Kristi Tanner
Senior Managing Director
Think Automotive, Think Ohio
Think Automotive, Think Ohio

Think Automotive, Think Ohio

The only thing that runs deeper than Ohio’s automotive heritage is Ohio’s drive to further its automotive future.


Topre America Opens 174,000 Square-Foot Facility on Historic Site

174,000 Square-Foot facility will accommodate rise in automotive demand
November 7, 2017

Topre America, a tier one supplier to major automotive companies, opened the doors to its new stamping and high-strength steel production facility. The location is a revitalized, historic site in Springfield, Ohio that has been expanded to accommodate the rise in orders to meet the demand for lightweight vehicles.

Hematite Inc., a Tier 1 automotive supplier and manufacturer based in Ontario, Canada, is investing $18 million to build a 106,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Englewood. The facility, which will employ 100 full-time workers within three years, is Hematite’s first in the United States and will serve as the company’s U.S. headquarters as it expands its presence in the United States.